Ricks Karate - Unfair practices

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Do not attend this school if you are over the age of 18!!Unsafe for small children!!

There is a small enrollment of adults i was unfortunate enough to learn why the hard way. The underage students can punch and kick you as hard as they want but when you give it right back you WILL get reprimanded and or asked to leave as ridiculous as that is paying close to 200 bucks monthly to be a punching bag, its disgusting practices where the teenagers can go all out on the adults and then get babied when they get it in return it really is pathetic. But the worst part are the parents of the children cussing and acting like white trash in the open in front of the children and YOUR children and nothing is and ever will be said about it. The kids bring there bow staffs into class with them and before class there in the room with you spinning them around in close quarters ive been hit in the face in the waiting room several times my kids been hit my wife in the head its a wonder that nobody has lost an eye because they dont have parents that ask them to stop ive had to yell at there children before because they have no control and the owner and instructor a Mr.

Rick Barney has personally stated that he "cant do anything about it" and " I have no control over the situation" Its painfully obvious that discipline and courtesy takes a far back seat to Cash Flow! He is not a bad person in fact hes a very nice guy but hes too afraid of losing business and brags about all the students he has compared to other schools and its becoming clear to me that the reason is the other schools dont put up with that *** bottom line. As a matter of fact i spent 7 years at the Black Belt Institute located across from the holiday Inn a Tae Kwon Do school beside Mountain state university and it had its ups and downs but they would never put up with the kids getting out of control like that and ESPECIALLY NOT THE PARENTS!!! Ricks Tang Soo DO's major draw for clientele is that its one of a few schools around here that dont force you to sign a financial contract but if your really dedicated to the art its worth giving it a year in a top notch school "professional" school and seeing if you like it first before stuff gets outta hand honestly.

Is it really too much to expect an equal playing field when it comes to the intensity of a sparring match? Is it too much to expect for the kids to come into the school and keep even a little calm and not spin there bows around and hit people and just straight act rowdy?

And parents acting like idiots and using foul language around your children who you just might not want subject to that kind of behavior?Trust me there are better options no he wont make you sign a contract but its worth it to look around a little bit first take it from me or find out the hard way like we did.

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lol this is a guy who got kicked out because he would bully the younger kids he's in his 30's but one boy got tired of it and decked him out and he wanted rick to kick the kid out but rick got rid of him instead lol :grin


Wow, you have trained for seven years obtained a black belt yet you cannot defend yourself against teenage practioners.Hmmm maybe you should consider dropping martial arts and start training with a hand gun.

Certainly a street attack would be more violent than a junior martial artist. But thanks for the recommendation.

I think I will stop by and visit Mr.Rick sounds like a good fighting school if the kids are that good.


This guy complaining was a black belt and he's complaining about a kid getting the best of him in a sparring match. Sounds like a good fighting school to me if the kids are that good.


This made me laugh pretty hard...

Don't get me wrong, there's time when I'd love to haul off and deck some teenagers, but why the *** would you enroll in some dinky little karate school with children owned by a guy named Rick?

What did you expect?

Those classes are pretty much for entertainment only. You aren't going to become a ninja or something.

Yea it sounds pretty unprofessional, what kind of martial arts class has adults and children in the same class? A bogus one, that's what.

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